Small Business: An Economic Overview by Connolly, E., Norman, D. & West, T., 2012.

     Five reasons why you should not buy this book even though you should.

    1. You want it Cheaper. You are hoping that the book price will go down to 99c – Sorry Can Not Pay Wages or Print the book for that price, but we have a pdf that you can download for just $1.95.
    2. You are Indifferent or a Skeptic that this book can help you get the BEST STAFF.  – This book will tell you how/why/when. It will even help to understand through stories/examples.  We give you worksheets and templates for you to use.
    3. FearIf you have lousy staff and don’t know how to free them – Don’t worry, we show you how to get rid of them without fuss.
    4. ProcrastinationThat’s ok we will be here when you are ready to have great employees and free time.
    5. You want to fast track the process – head on over to workshops and events page.


    Debra Spence

    Debra Spence

    Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Optimist

    Debra Spence – Multi Facade – Always on the Go and Learning.

    Sailed the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race, Represented Australia for Sailing. Owns Ducati, Honda, Ural sidecar and a few other motorbikes. Complete one lap of TT Isle of Man.

    Drinks Champagne, Martini, and loves travelling.

    Qualified Medical Aesthetician, Cosmetic Scientist and Won Australian National Award for Australia Best Medi Spa and proudly served her country in the Royal Australian Airforce as an electrician.


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