I always say fire loud, proud and fast, but it does not take the sad and guilty feeling away of firing an employee. These feeling may be more intense if you know that this termination is going to hurt the employee financially and put extra strain on their life. It is at this point, where managers and employers start thinking about the following. What if we give them more training, more support, help them to lift their productivity/change their behaviors, then they will be the right staff.

You have not decided to fire the employee lightly, and you most properly spent time and energy on helping this employee to improve. You need to ask the following three questions. 1. Is your business suffering due to this employee? 2. Is the other staff suffering due to this employee? 3. Most Importantly is your customers suffering due to this employee?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you know it is time to let them go. No matter how hard it is. It is critical to have the right people on your team as it makes an enormous difference in how productive you, your team and business will be. Setting standards you expect your organization is to meet and, warning them when they’ are falling short is crucial for the success and longevity of your business.

You are not firing the person for unjust reasons. Plus remember this person is an adult that has made their choices, and if the employee has not been motivated to save their job, they are responsible for the consequences. It is their life path, not yours or your business plus it may be the best thing that can happen to them, the wake-up call they need for a brighter future.

It is okay to feel some remorse and compassion for the person you fire but equally make it a time of celebration for your team and your business. You have upheld your standards and put your business and team first. Firing the wrong staff is what makes a great leader and boss.

Debra Spence

Debra Spence

Author, Lecturer, Entrepreneur, Optimist

Debra Spence – Multi Facade – Always on the Go and Learning.

Sailed the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race, Represented Australia for Sailing. Owns Ducati, Honda, Ural sidecar and a few other motorbikes. Complete one lap of TT Isle of Man.

Drinks Champagne, Martini, and loves travelling.

Qualified Medical Aesthetician, Cosmetic Scientist and Won Australian National Award for Australia Best Medi Spa and proudly served her country in the Royal Australian Airforce as an electrician.


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