The Right Staff Full Book – Audio


Feeling Frustrated by not having real help to grow your business.

Struggling even to have time to sleep let alone eat.

The whole idea of hiring staff or VA is just too daunting.

Break into cold sweats just thinking of having to sack someone.

“Hiring and Firing staff can be a harrowing ordeal for even the best-run business, and traditional employment methods are failing owners, managers, and employees alike. The Right Staff gives you back control: an easy-to-read guide to a simple and straightforward human resource system that can be applied to any small to medium-sized business.”

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Table of Content

Introduction: Death by Mondays

Chapter 1: Heart Starter for Your Business – The benefit ts of hiring employees for your business

Chapter 2: Trip, Fall and Stabbed in the Back – It is time to change the way people view their bosses

Chapter 3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Why your personality affects who you should hire

Chapter 4: Who’s the Fairest in the Land? – Blueprint—establishing your boss style

Chapter 5: Your Team, Your Rules – Your team needs to know how to work within your leadership style.

Chapter 6: Get What you Really Want – Defining your needs

Chapter 7: Time to Slice, Dice, and Select – The Three-Tier Selection Process

Chapter 8: Take Action and Let Go – Let them ‘do’ and become part of the team.

Chapter 9: It’s Me, Not You! – Breaking up can be easy.

Chapter 10: It’s You, Not Me – It is never about the money.

Chapter 11: I Have Your Back if You Have Mine – It is all about teamwork .

Chapter 12: Sharing your Toys – Pay, incentives and pay rises.

Chapter 13: Back to the Future – Recap and where to go for help.


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