Chapter 6: Get What you Really Want – Audio


It does not matter if you are hiring an employee or contracting the task out; the selection process will be the same.

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Listen to – Chapter 6: Get What you Really Want – Defining your needs.

Before you start writing up a job description and advertising the position, Find out why you just need to Create a Task, Ability and Attitude Brief and not a job description.

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Introduction: Death by Mondays 

Chapter 1: Heart Starter for Your Business – The benefit ts of hiring employees for your business.

Chapter 2: Trip, Fall and Stabbed in the Back – It is time to change the way people view their bosses

Chapter 3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Why your personality affects who you should hire

Chapter 4: Who’s the Fairest in the Land? – Blueprint—establishing your boss style

Chapter 5: Get What you Really Want – Defining your needs

Chapter 7: Time to Slice, Dice, and Select – The Three-Tier Selection Process

Chapter 8: Take Action and Let Go – Let them ‘do’ and become part of the team.

Chapter 9: It’s Me, Not You! – Breaking up can be easy.

Chapter 10: It’s You, Not Me – It is never about the money.

Chapter 11: I Have Your Back if You Have Mine – It is all about teamwork .

Chapter 12: Sharing your Toys – Pay, incentives and pay rises.

Chapter 13: Back to the Future – Recap and where to go for help.


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