Awarded 5 Star from the Readers Favorite

D. A. Spence’s The Right Staff is a short but informative book that
every businessperson out there will find useful. Through a series of examples tips, and tests, Spence leads entrepreneurs through what is at times the most difficult aspect of their job: the choice of
the right employee. Human capital is one of the most valuable
resources to make a business thrive, so employers must have a
clear idea in their minds when they decide to hire. The choice of the wrong person can be harmful to a business, but there are also other problems bosses have to face with their human capital. They should learn how to guide their employees and, in some cases, how to fire them if they are not
good. Every owner of a small- or medium-sized business will have an excellent companion in this book.

The Right Staff is specifically intended for bosses. Spence writes from their point of view and illustrates the entire decisional process with lucidity. She invites one to re-evaluate traditional expectations on employees as well as the tyrannical (and unfair) image of bosses. Her aim is to help businesspersons to create the right atmosphere to achieve better results. I liked the many examples she makes, and I appreciated the Three-Tier Selection Process, which should help bosses to go through the hiring process easily. I liked the practical purpose of this book, and I think it achieves this well. The tone is engaging, and some funny cartoons clarify the topic and make you smile. I recommend The Right Staff to every


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