The Guilt of Firing an Employee.

I always say fire loud, proud and fast, but it does not take the sad and guilty feeling away of firing an employee. These feeling may be more intense if you know that this termination is going to hurt the employee financially and put extra strain on their life. It is...

Professional Book Review by Astrid Iustulin

Awarded 5 Star from the Readers Favorite D. A. Spence’s The Right Staff is a short but informative book thatevery businessperson out there will find useful. Through a series of examples tips, and tests, Spence leads entrepreneurs through what is at times the most...

Why You Should Not Buy This Book.

Small Business: An Economic Overview by Connolly, E., Norman, D. & West, T., 2012.  Five reasons why you should not buy this book even though you should. You want it Cheaper. You are hoping that the book price will go down to 99c – Sorry Can Not Pay Wages or Print...

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