In this no nonsense, compact title full of awesome tips and great research, Debra Spence gives us the concise ‘good oil’ on building and maintaining business teams. And maintaining your health and sanity…

Just as in the following quote from ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ suggests:

“…only at the precipice do we evolve….”

We also see the author faced with her own ‘cliff edge’ moment, leading to greater enlightenment and eventually the writing of this book.

Debra takes us through the justification for employing people resources complementary to your personality, discovering your leadership style – and those of your team – right through to understanding the dominant learning senses of yourself and others.

We are reminded that great teams are built on cohesion, and yes… employing folks with greater skills than the boss is a ‘value add’ to the business, rather than a threat to the leadership power base!

We hear from the hilarious, but poignant: ‘anybody, somebody, everybody and nobody’ that a job description strung too tight is more likely to starve innovation and initiative, rather than encourage it. And that the seven deadly sins of hiring can have you employing in haste, but repenting at leisure.

But by far the greatest HR master stroke is Debra’s third tier of the interview and selection process: the final informal interviews. Conducted with leaders and members of the team in a relaxed non-business setting, the armour is bound to come off and the ‘real’ social personality of the candidate shines through.

After taking us through the ‘getting comfortable’ induction and nurturing process, Debra then helps us with an approach to those dreaded ‘boss talks’ where criticism is delivered (or worse) – reminding us about the mutual benefit of ‘release’. You just might not be the right boss for them?

I fear I’ve already given away too many spoilers, but the book clearly reminds us of the importance, benefits and value of carefully created teams: 

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Aristotle.

This book distils out all the water and fluff, leaving us with the sweet and truly informative cordial essence.


Dave Stokes
Judge and expert in all areas of the audiobook recording, editing and uploading process. He is the audiobook guru on the Publish Central team.



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