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D. A. Spence’s The Right Staff is a short but informative book that every businessperson out there will find useful. Through a series of examples, tips, and tests, Spence leads entrepreneurs through what is at times the most difficult aspect of their job: the choice of the right employee…..

I liked the many examples she makes, and I appreciated the Three-Tier Selection Process, which should help bosses to go through the hiring process easily. I liked the practical purpose of this book, and I think it achieves this well. The tone is engaging, and some funny cartoons clarify the topic and make you smile. I recommend The Right Staff to every

The Right Staff

“Hiring and Firing staff can be a harrowing ordeal for even the best-run business, and traditional employment methods are failing owners, managers, and employees alike. The Right Staff gives you back control: an easy-to-read guide to a simple and straightforward human resource system that can be applied to any small to medium-sized business.”

Having the ‘wrong’ staff can make your life hell. The Right Staff offers straightforward and practical steps to reduce the headaches and hardships that can be associated with hiring personnel. From the solo entrepreneur about to hire their first employee, to owners and managers of small to medium enterprises, this book is a must-read. Through simple exercises and upfront, honest advice, Spence offers a practical approach to more easily find, hire, and keep the staff that will be an asset, not a liability, to your business. This book offers essential advice on pain-free methods to let the ‘wrong’ staff go, without fear of retribution.

The Right Staff is a candid real-world book that will revolutionise your business by improving manager/staff relationships. By Keeping the Best, and Freeing the Rest, your business is set to thrive and grow.

The Story Behind the Book.

After years of suffering staff hazels that made being in business a living nightmare, I realise that things had to change or I would become part of the statistics of people having a heart attack than face Monday Morning with my staff. I enlisted organisational psychologist, human resource managers, went to seminars and events, read books and articles, but nothing was working for me the headache of having staff was relentless.


This headache all changed when I throw out all the rules and guides on how to be a great boss and changed my approach and became the Worst Boss Ever. I decided that it was all about my business and me and if staff didn’t like how I ruled then, they could be moved on as I was overturning myself into everything they wanted me to be so they were motivated productive and honest workers doing the job they were hired to do. The Result was taking a failing business to an award-winning successful company with a fantastic staff that I loved and no more headaches.


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An inherently compelling and instructively candid. Ultimately inspiring personal story from business death to success.

Andy Ross

Sports Agent

Putting Easy back into hiring and firing. The Audiobook was easy to listen too on the way to the office. It’s has amazing tips and steps.

Tanya Right

Owner, Easy Bookkeeping


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